Who We Are


THINKHOUSE is one of the world’s leading independent agencies. Powered by youth culture, our digital-first, future-fit marketing is for progressive brands that care about people and planet.

We specialise in *youth marketing and offer a full marketing service (Under 18s and over 18s, depending on the category / organisation.)



Through Marketing with Creative, Social, Digital, OOH, PR and Event campaigns that are inspired by, and delivered by, the next generation of creative thinkers.


Transformation starts with understanding. We help companies and organisations transform, in a rapidly changing world through youth insights. We guide, empower and inspire them with cultural, attitudinal and behavioural insights as well as reverse-mentoring and immersive education programmes.


We advise brands and organisations to embrace purposeful action and to deliver it in a way that benefits young people and our planet. From brand activism to purpose-driven and sustainability initiatives, we work with visionary change-makers that measure ‘growth’ in multiple ways.

We believe in the collective, positive power of fearless, resourceful, future-focused people.