Top 10 Social Posts

When Heineken wanted to announce that they would once again sponsor The Heineken Champions cup, we created a film that highlighted the storied history of this partnership.

Thinkhouse took to the stage at The Future event in Dublin last year with a talk on how we flex our creative muscles and keep our 'third eye squidgy'. And we walked the walk with a suitably squidgy social post. 

Barry's Tea wanted to promote its Loose Leaf Tea as the perfect winter warmer, so our film team brought the tea to life with stop motion animation.

Tullamore D.E.W. wanted to communicate its triple blend of pot still, malt and grain whiskeys combine to create an incredibly smooth whiskey of greater complexity and character.

Heineken got reactive too as many Irish people took refuge from the snow in their local pub.

Frank and Honest coffee takes a refreshingly honest approach to social, including calling out times when we may be in need of a coffee after a long weekend of partying.

Orchard Thieves has built up a reputation as a brand that like to play tricks on social. This unwrapping video had a hypnotising effect on viewers who waited (and waited) to see what was under our tree.   

The Youth Lab's Youth Culture Uncovered event took a raw, real, unfiltered look at 18-35 year olds today, and our social post featured some of the young people (members of our LOVE NETWORK) who helped bring the event to life.

When legendary Irish rugby player Jamie Heaslip retired back in February, Heineken wanted to honour the Leinster and Ireland No.8 with a reactive post. Heaslip quickly took to social to thank Heineken for the tribute.