The Youth Lab uncovered the following insight: young Irish people are sceptical. When they see something that they think is too good to be true (like free TV), they think it probably is. Our role was clear: to give young people a compelling reason to believe in ‘free’.

Introducing Free TV: the world’s first shopping channel where everything is free. Free TV offered viewers the chance to win a range of nifty prizes ranging from HDTVs to tickets to the biggest gigs of the year. A live broadcast on Facebook, Free TV would disrupt the timelines of our 18-35 year olds and prove to them that free doesn’t mean ‘bad’ or ‘poor quality’. Free can have real value.

We identified Kevin McGahern, of Republic of Telly fame, as hugely popular with this demographic and the perfect host for Free TV. Working with Kevin, we developed a cheesy shopping channel host character, complete with a garish suit and an overabundance of fake tan.

TV & Radio Ads

To build excitement for Free TV, our in-house film production team produced a 30’ television commercial in a half day shoot at RTÉ studios. We created 30’ radio spots, all of which were aesthetically and tonally complementary.

Facebook & Facebook Live

We developed teaser social posts which were promoted on Saorview’s channels and then shared by Kevin on his social channels.

All this activity culminated in Saorview’s Facebook Live broadcast – a 20 minute ‘Free TV’ show, made up of genuinely funny, engaging content where people tuned in to win (and learn about Saorview Connect, of course). The broadcast was the culmination of a strong concept, a fun script, great prizes and the ability of frontman Kevin to improvise on the spot in response to the Facebook emojis and comments from our highly-engaged viewers.


The result was our most successful Facebook Live to date, with 12,000 comments during the 20-minute broadcast. Overall the social reach of the campaign on Facebook was 700k with over 

2 million impressions. This was literally, ‘The Future of Free TV’ in action.