innocent brightside choir

The Approach 

It’s a well-known fact that singing makes us happy. It releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals in the brain. People who sing in choirs benefit even more from the social connection and working together creatively as a group. It’s hard not to look ‘on the bright side’ when you’re singing uplifting songs with a group of like-minded people. But not everyone can sing, right? Wrong! Introducing innocent’s brightside choir. This is a choir we created. The ‘innocent brightside choir’ is a choir for everyone – any age, ethnicity, gender or background. And, most importantly, all singing abilities! Its mission? To brighten up people’s day with a song, and some innocent super smoothies. 

The Output 

Enlisting the help of social media star James Patrice, we created a social video campaign to recruit the ‘singers’ for our choir. To lead the group, we drafted choirmaster Theodora Byrne, known for her work as a vocalist with James Vincent McMorrow. To help spread the word, we led a four-stop singagram media tour with a custom-written song performed at each media house. 

Our choir was built. A bunch of fun-loving, open-minded, fun-seekers actively joined this once-off choir which promised to deliver a one-morning only ‘show’. After some intensive rehearsals, the innocent brightside choir, accompanied by James Patrice gave a show-stopping live performance at Connolly Station on a dreary Monday morning in November. Brand Ambassadors were on hand to help boost commuters’ mornings further with some innocent super smoothies. The Thinkhouse film team captured all the action to create an uplifting social video as Theordora turned this group of strangers into a beautiful brightside choir. 

The Outcome

The campaign generated 13 media hits for a reach of 2,156,300. Our ambassador reach totalled 165,500. All key message targets were hit and the sentiment around this campaign was 100% positive. The ‘brightside choir’ resonated strongly with both media and consumers, exploding our reach to almost double our KPIs. Finally, it’s impossible to measure the uplifting boost our ‘brightside choir’ gave to the passing commuters that dreary November day! 

“We asked Thinkhouse for a campaign that created an emotional connection and brought ‘on the bright side’ to life and they nailed it with the innocent brightside choir. We brought a feel-good moment to commuters’ day and created an engaging story through PR and Social which perfectly communicated the boost of energy that innocent super smoothies provide. It was music to our ears.” – Ali Gibbons, Marketing Manager, innocent drinks Ireland.