Deloitte - Success Is

Deloitte’s Graduate Marketplace is a competitive one. Each of the ‘Big 4’ are fighting for the attention of, and hearts of, a specific talent pool of smart, ambitious graduates.

For this Graduate campaign, to ensure cut-through, we needed to deliver a point of difference. This would make Deloitte confidently cut through the competitor noise.

Our job was to connect with graduates from a multitude of different disciplines, including: business, finance, the arts, computing and design. The graduates mindsets, as much as their expertise, was equally important - Deloitte wanted graduates who not just value great work, but also those who thrive in their own personal endeavors - outside of the work place.

From talking to our LOVE NETWORK (graduates who are likely to apply for ‘the big 4’) we learnt that big organisations like Deloitte can be perceived as places where ‘people feel anonymous’ and are ‘just a number.’ We learnt that top graduates want an employer that can deliver on their hunger for career progression, while satisfying their need to make a positive impact on the world around them. However, to many graduates, an employer that offers both can feel unrealistic to achieve.

Through research, with graduates and Deloitte employees, we developed a creative territory that was true to Deloitte and that they could own.

The guiding creative statement was: We are dedicated to making an impact on business by making a positive impact on each other. When you succeed, we succeed.

The creative execution: Success is…

To create the most innovative content possible, we collaborated with creatives across the business including: Copywriting who devised a series of eloquent rhyming couplets which summed up areas of the Deloitte business; the Film Team who devised a series of mini stories which highlighted life at Deloitte; and our Designers who devised a core, copy-based visual that tied the whole campaign together through the website, and social media.

Our key creative was inspired by two things.

1: The brand’s global guidelines and core clean aesthetic

2: A new wave of simplistic, powerful copy-only social media content that is capturing today’s youth audience’s imagination. The result is a refreshingly human and relatable campaign that stands out both aesthetically and in its messaging.

As lead creative agency for Deloitte’s Graduate campaign, Thinkhouse worked on all aspects of the graduate recruitment campaign. We were responsible for delivering: creative concept, production, communications, event management and everything in between. Our new Events Team integrated the creative thinking into the XP activation at Grad Ireland, Ireland’s largest graduate event, bringing the brand’s story to life in a real-life, engaging context.

The results delivered Success smashing KPI's and attracting more quality graduates to Deloitte. 

We look forward to delivering more success for Deloitte in 2018!