Youth Down-Time Goals: Creative Klout


Katy, a 16-year-old artist and member of The Love Network spoke to us about her approach to producing content. Her medium of choice? Her phone. 
Using Adobe Draw and Adobe Sketch she realises stylised portraits of some of her favourite influencers – including Billie Eilish, Adore Delano, Declan Mckenna and Ashley Graham
Katy and her peers also experiment with film editing on their phones using the Video Star app, splicing together clips from Netflix series, like ‘The End of the Fucking World’, creating funky warping effects and layering them with music she likes. Katy posts these videos on her public RINSTA account – because, as she says, "I’m all about that klout." 
Young people are inspired by the likes of Instagram to express themselves in new ways. But, creativity is not only about the process of doing, it is as much about sharing and validation of the optimised output too. Approval is constantly sought and popularity rules. 

(Artwork by Katy - 16 - member of The Love Network)


The availability of tools to aid and nurture young people's artistic ability means that the outputs of creative activity get better and better – and in less and less time. Even while on the move: 

“What’s incredible about young artists and photographers coming up now is that they do everything on their phone. One photographer we worked with, Ayesha, she’s 18. She takes photos with her SLR, emails them to herself from the camera to her phone, then edits the photos on her phone using Lightbox. No computer, desktop or otherwise. A few years ago you could not have done this. The software has evolved and young artists and photographers are using their phones exclusively for editing. Just the portability, the speed and the results. It’s incredible.” - Kevin Goss-Ross, Creative Director for Film and Photography at Thinkhouse