JOR ROS - Illustrator // Designer

Based in Barcelona, Jor Ros, has been making waves. Recently commissioned to illustrate for HYPEBEAST, his style uses flat coloured backgrounds that showcase the unique nature of the portraits he is making. And if you haven’t bought some of his prints yet, you 100% will now.

SAYA - New Wave Pop

This young singer hails from Toronto and is gonna be whopper next year. Think teen angst but with substance behind it. Usually compared to Lana Del Rey, her vocals are sure to send some chills down your spine. We are also here for the 70s horror movie vibes in her music videos.

RICH CHIGGA - Rapper // Comedian

Slightly regrettable name, but still, this guy is laying down some serious beats and is sure to really blow up in 2018. From Jakarta, he taught himself english by listening to the likes of Childish Gambino, 2 Chainz, Macklemore and Tyler The Creator. His flow is insane and has earned him some serious recognition with Ghostface Killah and Pouya featuring on a remix of his debut track “Dat $tick”

MEGHAN MARKLE - Actor // Soon to be Princess

Ok so she is a big deal already, but her recent engagement means that we are gonna be watching her like never before. Kate? Who even is that? What is Meghan wearing? Is that skirt too short for a royal? Will her grandmother-in-law let her get married in a church? Get your best hats out because this outdated institution is back with a bang and will be live in glorious technicolour. ‘Do we get a day off?’ screams the UK. We’re rooting for you guys.


He is 16, has his own clothing line, self published a book, has more sense than you and I, and is also a magician, because... why not? 2017 was already a big year for Abdullah, but things are only going to get bigger. Abdullah has passion like no other and is a big advocate for self-teaching over formal education; he started his first business venture when he was 13. Follow him on Instagram or pick up his book, “Millionaire for Teens” and become inspired.

SOPHIA - AI Celebrity

The first robot to be granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia has had a pretty big 2017. However, Sophia is well aware that she has a big 2018 on the way. Modelled after Audrey Hepburn, Sophia is already experiencing her first scandal as a celebrity - the fact that she is running around without a male guardian and not wearing a hijab. Next year, Sophia’s technology will become more advanced and she hopes to start a family. Watch this space.


With Black 47 in post production and American Animals being filmed, Irish actor Barry Keoghan is set to have a pretty fire 2018. His ability to say “yes” to the right projects has served him well after he captured the eye of top directors like Yorgos Lanthimos, Luke Daly, Bart Layton and Mark O’Connor. Barry has a very unique look which has landed him a few modelling jobs too, so expect to see his face in print and cinemascope.


Bayern Munich’s up and coming goalkeeper is just 17 years old and in 2016 had to get written permission from his parents to fly to Qatar and train. Already at 6’4 and with size 13 feet, he is a dominating presence on the pitch. He is touted to replace the irreplaceable Manuel Neuer in a few years. And don’t be fooled, his height and shoe size don’t make him any less balletic on the field. This guy is one to watch for the long run.


Born in Nigeria, grew up in Ireland and now residing in London, Caleb has a world of influences that send electric sparks through your skin. He started writing when he was eight years old and at ten joined an urban music group which lasted for four years before Caleb made a move to a different sound. Taking influence from electronic sounds, his style can now be described as Soul-Afro-Electro-Pop. Stick that in your earphones and smoke it.


It’s not easy when you’re going to constantly be compared to your dad, but when he is a famous footballer and you’re trying to break into the game, it’s just gonna happen. The 18 year old Dutch player has been making waves lately playing for Ajax and now has Arsenal fans crying out for him to be signed. The left winger has a big year of scoring goals and hopefully scoring some serious contracts.