Things are moving fast. You’re not sure what to buy or where to look. Our top tech trends will keep you informed and up to date, so you’ve got something interesting to talk about next time you’re forced to put your phone down.

VR is still tipped as the next big thing in gaming. We chatted to Nikki Lannen of VR company War Ducks to learn about the rollercoaster world of making rollercoaster VR.

Drone wars are a real thing. Much like Romeo and Juliet, there is a war between air drones and now the underwater drones. Ok, so they aren’t actually in love, or fighting. But it’s fun to think of it that way. Anyway, we caught up with OpenROV to chat about their underwater drone and the community of filmmakers they inspire.

Black Mirror has become the TV show we both love and fear. So we decided we would try and crack what the next season will be about. That way, you can watch in peace knowing that these probably won’t happen.

Robots have never been sexier. Goodbye (AI celeb) Sophia and hello Samantha. Samantha is a sex robot who learns to orgasm when you orgasm. We spoke to her creator to discuss everything about sex robots and that didn’t go according to plan.