Want to stay ahead of the trend curve? Want to know what you should be doing in 2018? Our Top 10 trends of 2018 has you covered.

Feeling old at 18? Want to experience more from festivals? Tired of standing around in mud? We’ve picked three festivals that you need to experience next year.

Watching movies is, like, sooo 2017. Dreamgun Cinema are set to have a whopper year where they take your favourite movies and read them to you. Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho was originally a comedy you know*. (*it’s not)

Searching to impress your mates with music from the underground, designers from the fringes and people they’ve never heard of before? Check out YOUTH’s ones to watch. You’re so on trend, it hurts.

CONFA is set to make a serious impact in 2018 with it taking place in London, a country easily accessible by all. Football that fights to raise awareness for smaller and lesser known countries, football, but not as you know it.

Boots and Kats have gone from strength to strength, taking over District 8 in a sell out gig and tearing up Life Festival. Get up and get down to some serious beats.

So let’s burn 2017 to the ground. It’s time to rise up and give praise to 2018.