Thomas Barr is an Olympic athlete whose sudden rise to fame has seen him take a stand against childhood obesity, and jumping over any hurdles that arise on his way to Tokyo 2020.

Anna McGrane could have let her anxiety and depression take over her life, instead she went into recovery and surrounded herself with a network of strong women that help her every day. Her photo series I Am She delves into the lives of extraordinary, ordinary women.

Syrias Vibes was set up by Calvin James, who was sick of the war in Syria not getting the coverage it needed and people not being fully aware of the scale of devastation. So he picked up his decks, played some bangin’ music and raised money to go over to the Middle East and help the civilians affected by the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Sunshine Cinema is a solar powered mobile cinema organisation that converts solar energy into social impact. Bringing curated content to the diverse communities of South Africa, they visualise the issues being faced by South African people.

Izzy Wheels lives by the motto ‘If you can’t stand up, stand out’, their dedication to making disabilities fashionable, sees them working with artists and designers around the world, along with creating a business that allows everyone to feel included.

We’re celebrating all kinds of heroes in this issue of YOUTH, so turn off the bat signal, and stop holding out for a hero, we’ve got them right here.