Some people like to claim that “the gender pay gap is a myth” but when women are paid on average 14% less than men, that myth becomes a burning reality. Julie Blakeney uses her voice to speak out on the gap that we need to close.

Shon Faye is a comedian, writer, LGBT editor for Dazed and a trans woman. We spoke to Shon on the the issues that trans people face today including transmisogyny, and trans representation.

Ivan Fahy is a gender bending model that doesn’t care if you think men shouldn’t dress a certain way. He’ll throw on a pair of high heels and strut all over your outdated opinions.

YouTube star, Ashley Wylde is helping a generation of people understand what their gender identity is. Approachable and informative, her Gender Tag Project allows people to explore the world of gender from the comfort of their home.

Performing gender is not just for drag queens. We catch up with LA drag king Landon Cider to discuss all things drag, and gender performance.

We are unpacking what gender means in this edition of YOUTH, so demand that pay rise, raise your voice, make that video, crush the patriarchy, tuck your junk, throw on a pair of heels and a lick of lipstick and take over the world. With 63 genders, you might just find your one.