Breaking free from a particularly fundamentalist religion isn’t easy, but for Leah-Georgia leaving the Apostolic United Brethren was necessary after realising that getting married at 14 and the possibility of sharing a husband with other women was a step too far for her. Some religions are just too strange to comprehend, but then again, depending where you’re from, worshiping bananas seems like a legit reason to have sex in public, right?

Harnessing your womanly powers and using your voice to do good is the way of the modern witch, so stow away the broomsticks and eye of newt. Feeling full after our Food Issue? Cleanse your body at the temple of Crossfit.

Wondering why all priests are so old? Well check out what Fr. David Vard has to say as Ireland’s youngest priest. Or maybe you don’t fit into religion as a whole, maybe you worship at the altar of Netflix or ASOS?

We delve into the ever changing nature of religion in this edition of YOUTH. So set up your altar, light those candles and get down on your knees and pray.

Special thanks to Calvin Freeman for his STUN imagery.