YOUTH 05 - The Party Issue

In this, The Party Edition of YOUTH, we take you to some of these hidden parties and meet the people responsible for them. They all have one thing in common: they were bored with the nightlife options they were presented with. And, they decided to take matters into their own hands.

Sofar Sounds brings gigs to people’s houses for the kinds of exclusivity that assure audiences who really WANT to be there. The group behind Pilly Willy created a space where everyone can feel welcome, regardless of how they choose to express their gender/sexuality. D8 Soul Club brings punters back in time with a retro venue and analogue sounds. Dudebox throws parties in carwashes and factories and gives all the money to charity, while inner u allows people to create a new identity that only exists at night. Finally, Anna LouLou is an underground community that unites the Arab, Jewish and LGBTQ communities in Tel Aviv.

So, whatever you’re into, grab a bag of cans, your tiniest swimsuit and some fishnet tights because YOUTH has found the perfect party for you...