YOUTH 03 -  Trailblazers

In this issue of YOUTH, we have a short film about BiPolar Bear Wear, a clothing company that promotes positive mental health. We list the 10 things you need to know about trailblazing Irish wakeboarder, David O’Caoimh.

Guest contributor, Kathy Scott, explains how her organisation (aptly named ‘The Trailblazery’) is shining a light on the people and causes which challenge the established narratives of society.

We have a retrospective on the trailblazers who made the modern music and arts festival what it is today. Finally, on the subject of music, we shine a YOUTH Spotlight on Che Lingo, the highly acclaimed South West London rapper, who is breaking the mould and redefining British Hip Hop.

YOUTH salutes you all. Keep on blazing your trails!