YOUTH 02: Strength In Numbers

In this issue of our online magazine, YOUTH: We speak to Burnt Out, a collective of young creatives from North Dublin who combine their varied skills to explore working class identity and the “unhinged emotional and social violence of the estates”. We have a one minute film with Áine Mulloy, one of the founders of Girl Crew, a global phenomenon that is helping women make new friends. 

We examine the history of the London Grime scene and take a glimpse inside the world of independent professional wrestling. Guest contributor, and ultimate stun hun, Andrea Horan tells us why she decided to set up her social movement, The HunReal Issues

Finally, we have some stunning imagery from photographer Christoffer Rosenfeldt (cover image) from his series on Danish festival-goers who build elaborate speaker systems to draw massive crowds together in Roskilde Festival’s campsite, all so they can take part in one of the most unifying group experiences enjoyed by humans: having a little dance.

Go forth, gather your crew, and dance! There’s strength in numbers.