Welcome to YOUTH 06

Chinese photographer Hailun Ma fuses Western and Eastern beauty ideals in stunning Renaissance-style portraits. Thinkhouse Art Director/Photographer Kevin Goss-Ross uses storytelling and artificial lighting to create standout work in Ireland and South Africa. Chicago native Elise Swopes cut her teeth shooting and editing on her iPhone before being recruited for big brands like Adidas.

Ireland’s rising star in the photography world Andrew Nuding looks at people’s inner workings and secret longings that leave a lasting impact, while Leeroy Jason uses photography to ‘instill pride and a new perspective’ to the subjects he captures in an attempt to give back to the community in his native South Africa. Finally, Italian Margherita Loba Amadio challenges censorship while depicting the human body in a romantic and sculptural way.

Get ready to be inspired. Welcome to the photography issue of YOUTH.