One day the world is going to be ruled by robots so we can either adapt or die. It all starts real simple, a robot can detect a forged painting, can hunt down missile sites, can collect data and make your life easier. But with the rise of robots comes the fall of humanity. With singularity predicted to happen by 2045, we are likely to make machines that outsmart humans and maybe in time we are going to merge with the machines to create superhumans. I, for one, welcome our robot overlords.


Drag broke the mainstream in 2017 thanks to RuPaul’s Drag Race being picked up by VH1, but this year it is only gonna get bigger. With an influx of drag queens, kings and bio queens and kings on every scene, this is the year that the subversive art within a subversive art infiltrates the mainstream. With more people exploring drag, gone are the days where drag meant being fishy, being funny, it’s now more than that. Subversive drag is slowly getting its moment in the spotlight with the Boulet Brothers heralding in a new area of filth and horror. Queens like Sad Salvia, Vander Von Odd, Meatball, Abhora, Christeene and Ridge Gallagher are bringing looks to drag reminiscent of Divine’s pure filth. Block your eyebrows, paint your face because YOU. BETTER. WERK.


With the shit storm that went down in 2017, it’s easy to see why politics is gonna be a huge ‘trend’ in 2018. With Brexit happening in March and the American Senate elections coming up, people’s interest in politics is going to see a surge in activism and it’s here to stay. ‘Let’s Get Political’ is not a song by Olivia Newton John, but it should be! Get angry, demand a government that fights for you and not against you. REPEAL that 8th. Do you hear the people sing? Let’s get into it comrades.


2017 was the year everyone went veggie or vegan. Clean eating was a must, a burger was a treat that you had once in a blue moon. Greens bloomed and we slowly destroyed the appeal of an avocado by over farming it and creating more of an “off” season when the trees have to recover from an “on” season...also we just went a bit mad and put it on everything. Enough is enough. 2018 is 2017’s irresponsible cousin who had enough of 2017’s “healthy me” BS and decided to revel in it’s gluttony. We are fighting back. Burger? We’ll take a double. Do you want fries with that? Why would that even be a question, of course we do. 2018 is about getting down and dirty with your food. Let’s chow down.


Long gone are the days of pencil eyebrows or brows that just look like two dollops of sperm on your face. We all know that thick ass brows are very in right now, but with feathered brows, wavy brows, ombre brows and all that came with it, coming in and out of fashion, what is next? Embellished brows. We saw it all over NY fashion week, eye shadow had jewels and gems, and it looks like it is making its way up. Pop into your local crafts shop and cover your eyebrows in glitter or shave them off and wear pearls instead. So many options, only the dedicated need apply.


LaCroix was everywhere last year. The vibrant design and array of flavours made it almost a fashion staple. But this year, we need more. You can never have enough of a good thing, and it seems that others are seeing this too. More flavours, more sparkle, more bubbles. GIVE US MORE. Tap water? What?


With more women coming forward about the sexism they experienced from high powered males, it only seems natural that women will have a big role to play in activism next year. When Reese Witherspoon set up her production company Pacific Standard with an aim to celebrate women’s stories, she was laughed at and told that nobody would watch movies with a female lead. Well, jokes on them, because she has gone on to produce several successful movies and TV shows that centre around women from all backgrounds. 2018 is the year of the woman.


Oh, you still smoke weed? Oh...ok. Edibles are seeing a rise as of late and 2018 is gonna be a whopper year for getting high. With more states and countries legalising the medicinal use of cannabis, you can be sure you’ll get your jush somewhere. Snacks for the cinema just got interesting.


So this phrase started to come to light towards the end of November after Lena Dunham decided to publicly undermine an allegation of rape and black feminist writer Zinzi Clemmons said she would never write for Dunham again after she failed women of colour. Hipster racism is still racism, but disguised with sarcasm, which in the end is just like gaslighting. “Why are you offended? It was just a joke.” As much as it pains us to say this is a trend, it just is. This misplaced confidence and “oh I can say this because I have loads of [insert race/ sexual orientation here] friends” is still rising and is going to be prevalent in 2018. We had BernieBros in 2016 who would shut down anyone's views as ignorant because they didn't #FeelTheBern. This misplaced confidence is just the beginning and sadly as we grow as a world, we can also fall back on old habits. Casual racism is back whether we like it or not. It’s time we stood up against that.


We called for it last year, we protested Trump’s ban on trans people in the military, we released documentaries, we championed them in beauty campaigns and then we tore it all down. Last year we really tried, we did, but we also really failed. Munroe Bergdorf was silenced and pulled from her campaign. Some high profile feminists decided that equality might not stretch to trans women. It was a mess. This year people are taking equal rights and representation more seriously. We expect to see trans women and trans men fairly represented and not just in a way that makes a spectacle of them.