Top 10 Food Trends

1. Tacos

Look, it was inevitable. But, who knew that food was this linked to politics? With the big orange man in the white house calling for walls, it seemed only natural that mexican food fought back. Tacos are a guaranteed tasty meal and with a million combinations, you’ll never get tired of them. Guac is extra.

2. Adaptogens

This is actually a real word. Promise. Made up of plants, herbs, and mushrooms, they are a ground natural supplement that is gonna get rid of your stress. Be calm, find your zen, and all that jazz. Add a bump into your smoothies, juices or porridge and smile all day.

3. Insects

Bugs. Bugs are everywhere, and while you may be used to swatting them away, soon you’ll be shoving them in your gob. But more on that here.

4. Charcoal

Not just great for art and fire, it’s now made it’s way into your food. Why? Well, it’s good for teeth whitening and perhaps most importantly, hangovers. Full of minerals, it’s the boost you need to do your bits. Expect to see it in ice creams, burger buns and IKEA hot dogs. It’s, like, really big in Japan.

5. Poke Bowls

Cubed raw fish, any way you like it. Hailing from Hawaii and finally making its stamp on the food world, Poke Bowls are healthy, delicious, and unique. What you get outside of Hawaii is slightly different to the traditional Poke Bowls, they are even more focused on health, but you can be sure that no matter where you’re eating it, it’s gonna be tasty.

6. Kombucha

Ok, it’s a drink. But still. Fermented and good for your guts n stuff, this raw fermented tea is not so niche anymore. Most restaurants are making their own version of it. So, sorry to all those people who only eat and drink alternatively; this just broke into the mainstream.

7. Eating by colour, purple to be specific

Add a bit of colour to your plate and eat only purple foods (we aren’t nutritionists so maybe don’t take that advice). Purple is having a moment and we can now see purple carrots, potatoes, asparagus and corn becoming more mainstream in supermarkets. Be a sheep, eat purple grass.

8. Seaweed

STOP EATING SALT. Or at least try and cut back. Healthy seaweed, like dulse, is really good for adding flavour without killing you softly. And if you’ve got too much seaweed, throw some in the bath; it’s good for your skin.

9. Goat

Goat cheese, goat milk, goat meat, it’s all goat. Goat has twice the amount of iron as Chicken, and is low in saturated fat. Add some into a taco and, boom, winning combo.

10. Baharat

A blend of spices and coming from the Arabic word for spice. You can throw it on pretty much anything and, like magic, you’re a world class chef.