Yeah we know, it’s like we got hit by really pissed off lightning, or wandered onto the set of a very bad, sadistic sci-fi farce, but once we copped on that neither of those things was true and we were actually being hunted down by a viral lovechild of Mary Black’s son* and Mexico’s version of Budweiser, we thought we’d dust off our scribblers and take a look at a few of the things that have been affected by this, the most UNPRECEDENTED** of situations, in a brand new issue of YOUTH. 

*(Danny O’Reilly, a strapping lad, son of famous Irish singer Mary Black and lead singer of a band called The Coronas. Yeah, see what we did there. We’ve got our coats and are leaving.)

**(More on this later) 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned though, it’s that “we’re all in this together”***. But somehow, hearing that little vacuous platitude being murmured at us by, oh, let’s say, J-Lo, broadcasting from A-Rod’s “house”, that’s actually a “compound” and is in fact about the same size as Vatican City, it’s hard to strike that chord of togetherness. 

***(some of us might be, but they’re really not)

So, we thought we’d take a look at a few other people that aren’t us and see how they’re being affected. Because while we’re all in…. (don’t even…) Well let’s just say, we wanted to show how everyone’s having a different experience. 

First up, we had a look at Love in the time of COVID-19, (tbf not even the magical realist mind of Garcia Marquez himself could have dreamt up this madness) to talk to new loves who’ve been locked together and apart since the very extreme measures came in. 

We managed to shoehorn in a piece about MANY dogs, because, they’re just loving us working from home now and it was a thinly veiled excuse to flood your screen with fluff-faced tail-waggers.  

We also spoke to some frontline health workers because a) we’re not worthy, and b) we wanted to chat about a positive moment from them, instead of pressing them on the horror that we know they’re all going through. 

And finally, we just lost the run of ourselves in barely contained hysteria posing as observational commentary from the addled minds of the shared Corona experience in Pandemics with Benefits.

So this is it. We hope you enjoy it. And lookit, we might not all be in this together, but we can at least synchronise when we go up and stick on the bath of milk and rose petals for our evening video musings. 

Isn’t that right Madonna? Aaawweee look at the deluded boomer A-lister in the bath. Cuuute. 

Please enjoy with a healthy handful of Himalayan..

Loads of lockdowny love from

The YOUTH team xxx