I know I can’t be the only one who has constantly questioned my cats motives, or if my dog really knows that he is a good boy. Well, have I got news for you, we can now talk to our pets...well not yet, but we are getting closer. Tailio is the future of litter boxes. It tracks how often your cat uses it, the cat’s weight and can tell you when to seek medical attention for your kitty. Worried your pet is getting bored, fat and depressed when you’re not at home to play with it? Felik is the purrfect pet companion. The laser inside this device tracks your pets behaviour and adapts to its play needs. However, KYON is the pet collar that is taking your pet’s needs to a new level. Dog too hot? The collar will tell you and you get an alert to your phone. Dog lost? The collar will tell whoever finds it that it is lost and to call you. Pets deserve good technology. I can’t wait to find out why my cat wants me dead.


AR had a pretty good go of it in recent years; Pokemon Go was a massive success and Snapchat’s weird hotdog became the face we saw every night before we went to sleep. VR has gone from strength to strength and looks to revolutionise social media this year where users can ‘meet’ each other in online spaces. But as is always the way, two technologies can’t live together in peace. Comparisons will be made, and as a result they must fight to the death. We must decide, do we want to walk around with a headset on, or do we want to walk around with our face looking down at our phones (AR has promised to fix this). Who knows?


Not guaranteed to make your neighbours smarter, or guaranteed to make you smarter for that matter. Bridges will come with sensors that can alert officials when the bridge is in need of repair or if there is a problem happening on the bridge. Shot Spotter alerts police when gunshots are heard. AT&T is leading the way for smart cities, and in this cultural climate, it might be much needed.


Folding your own clothes is so last year. It’s boring and I couldn’t be bothered which is why I constantly have wrinkles in my t-shirts. Foldimate will do all that for you - the fridge-sized robot loves folding clothes; it’s just a pity it doesn’t come with an ice machine. Printer running out of ink? Forgot to buy more toner? Brother Refresh sees your forgetful brain and orders more ink when your printer is running low so it arrives before you print off the last drop. Say goodbye to boring and find something else to complain about.


“Honey, I’m home!” you say as you walk through your front door after a long day of bringing home the bacon. “Hello, what music do you want to play?” answers back a calming, yet robotic voice. It is your new life partner, Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. These helpful girls are on hand to answer all of life’s weird questions, have the heating on for when you get home and just keep you company. Who needs a girlfriend when these Stepford Wives are ready and willing to answer your every need?


Forget this whole ‘tap to pay’ thing. Now it’s about having invisible money. Money that doesn’t reside in your wallet. We’re talking cryptocurrency, the secure digital asset that’s setting the world alight. Investing in Bitcoin could prove very fruitful this year. Nobody really knows who invented it, which is what makes it all the more mysterious. More places are now accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. No cash? No problem, you can pick up some Finger Lickin’ Good nuggs in KFC with your trusted Bitcoin.


Straight out of an episode of Black Mirror, Dominos and Ford are teaming up to bring you pizza that drives. It’s hopefully hitting roads in Michigan soon, so this is something to keep an eye on. Let’s just hope it doesn’t hit someone and end up exposing you for killing someone in your hotel room, Mia Nolan.


Skin feeling a bit dry? Changed your night time routine and still feeling less than glam? There’s a mirror for that. The HiMirror is a mirror that tracks your skin over time, allowing you to see the signs of ageing. It also has different light settings that allow you to best apply your makeup so you don’t look like a truck as you walk around in the natural sunlight.


Electric Cars aren’t a new thing, but we have no reason to fear them running out of juice anymore. Electric cars are having a bit of a moment and are sure to see a rise in purchase this year when people start figuring out that petrol and diesel are bad for the environment. Sure, we’ve been told this for years, but did we listen? Nope. So, here we are, 2018 is gonna see the electric take over. So whether you’re considering the Nissan LEAF, the upmarket Tesla, or are looking to really flash the cash on start up cars like BYTON (which markets itself as a smart device) the future is electric, so charge up.


Imagine a world where motorists, pedestrians and cyclists could live in peace. It might happen sooner than you think. Cosmo bikes have created a new helmet light that alerts people when you’ve been in an accident, which to be honest, could happen at any  time. The light learns when you are braking and warns cyclists behind you that you are doing so, thus creating safer cycle lanes for us all. Working with an app on your phone, once you’ve been in a fall, the light starts to flash and can notify family and friends. That’s just smart.