Skirt Club- The Women's only sex club.

Women, it’s about damn time we stopped having sex purely for the benefit of men’s pleasure. We’ve spoken before about how women run the world, but why aren’t we running the bedroom? It’s time to start thinking about our needs. Introducing Skirt Club, the women’s only sex club that is taking over the world. Skirt Club is for curious women who have had enough of trying to narrowly define their sexuality, what they like, or who they want to sleep with. This is for women who demand satisfaction.

Skirt Club was founded in 2014 by Genevieve LeJeune. Having gone to a few sex parties with her then boyfriend she realised something: “There was clearly plenty of options for men and couples, and the events were clearly designed by men, but there were no options for women to sexually express themselves.”

So she did what anyone would do. “I started to question why women perform for their boyfriends, rather than listen to their own desires and it made me question the whole balance of the universe. In terms of why the power dynamic clearly sat with them (men) and why they claim the boardroom and the bedroom and why was there so much emphasis on what he wanted and why as women were we so eager to please?”

So from that realisation, Skirt Club was born. Women are still regularly shamed for liking sex (you know, those delightful names a woman gets called if she sleeps with a few people, but men are greeted with a high five if they do likewise), so Genevieve created a space for women who aren’t afraid of that taboo and know how they like and want to have sex. Designed by women, for women, Skirt Club sees champagne flow freely while its guests bask in the ultimate femme glamour of it all, that is, before they partner off.

Skirt Club doesn’t care for the traditional use of labels, and its founder is quick to applaud those who don’t feel the need to define themselves. It’s all about making the guests feel comfortable with themselves and their sexuality.

“Some people prefer to be anonymous. But it depends on the age. Women over the age of 30 are careful about their privacy. But people under 30 don’t care. They are more free about their identity, they are less embarrassed, they are more likely to say, “No, I’m exploring myself it’s fine.” Our typical guest age is late 20s. Labels have gone, they are pointless, sexuality changes. How you feel in your 20s is different to your 30s.”

Let’s get down to why you’re really reading this, shall we? What actually happens at a Skirt Club event? So first things first, there are two types of nights. Mini Skirt is more of a cocktails and networking event, but it’s the Signature party you really want to go to.

The Signature party takes place in a private house where the hostess greets you at the door and takes you by the hand to the lounge area where you can get a drink and introduce yourself to guests.

“Most women arrive alone, and for first timers they are nervous, so we make sure they are as comfortable as can be. For new people we put an antique key on their wrist so they can spot other new people who are just as nervous.”

It’s touches like this that you just wouldn’t get in a usual sex club. Events are usually themed and people dress for them, and boy, do they dress up. The dressing up aspects acts a point of conversation and helps ease the nerves.

“It’s very high femme, you can follow the dress code theme or not, it’s your choice. It’s very dressed up and glam. There is nothing like dressing up for a woman. You put more effort into the detail, because, as women, we notice.”

So after the nerves have settled a little bit, rules are explained, such as no photography, No means No, respect each other. Then a speaker will come up and teach everyone skills on how to single out your interest, “because chatting up a girl is a difficult skill if you haven’t done it before.”

Just simple things, like eye contact, a brush of the leg that kind of thing. Next, members play games. A favourite is Tequila.

“A woman will lie down on the table in her lingerie and we line her legs with salt, put lime in her mouth, and have a shot by her stomach. Then we shout ‘One, two, three, TEQUILA!’ And two people lick her legs, take the shot and kiss lime out of her mouth. The winner takes the lime and is next on table. Then it takes its own course, women partner off or into groups of five or six, and bedrooms become more occupied.”

But, if at that stage you are still a little unsure of what you want to do, you can hang in the lounge chatting and enjoying cocktails. In London, the parties continue on until 3am, at which point the hostesses will make sure everyone gets home safely.

Many Skirt Club members are in relationships but their partners are aware of, or actively encourage their participation.

“I see women get dropped off by their partner, partners buying tickets as a gift, or women saying ‘My boyfriend found this and told me I should come.’”

The narrow definitions of sexuality have been challenged dramatically in recent years. As has the idea of the traditional monogamous relationship. We’re experiencing a new age of sexual experimentation as young people reject conformity in sex and relationships. And, while Skirt Club encourages the expression of freedom and sexuality, what they really want is to instill confidence in women.

“This is an event that requires bravery. And doing something you’ve never done before with people you don’t know, that requires courage. I’ve had people message me and say “I had a meeting on Monday and it was awful but I was really confident and I didn’t care because I knew what I did at the weekend.’ It helps me remember why I do this. Confidence makes you somebody else.”

So, thinking about sex? Want to try something new? Skirt Club has events in London, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne, New York, Miami, LA, San Francisco and Brussels. With events coming to Shanghai, Washington DC and Chicago soon.

Skirt Club London hosts its next event on the 15th of July.

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