LIVE SEX at Casa Rosso
  1. Casa Rosso was founded in 1968 by Maurits de Vries (a.k.a. Zwarte Joop). It opened during the sexual revolution of the 60s and Maurits was one of the pioneers of the red light district.

  2. Shows typically run for 1 hour and 20 minutes. But you’re not just watching the same couple have sex over and over. Expect to see a variety of acts, live sex (straight and lesbian), funny performances, pole dances, strip acts, a banana act and a smoking pussy. Tempted yet?

  3. All the couples you see on stage are actual couples.

  4. Casa Rosso looks after its performers very well: “We have our own security personnel and make sure that the work conditions are as safe as possible. We offer our personnel proper housing close to the theatre. The Red Light District is somewhat of a small community, where we all know each other and look after each other.”

  5. Staff are careful about who they let in. This is all to create a space that is safe for their staff and enjoyable for their customers: “Our personnel checks for suspicious behaviour. If someone is too drunk they’ll not be allowed to enter.”

  6. The current owner works there every day except Sundays. He started working there in 1976 and became the owner in 1996. He is now 75 years old and loves his job as much as he did when he started.

  7. The performers also love their job. They like “the freedom that comes with the job and they like the fact they’re being watched.”

  8. The first row is really close to the performers. Really, really, close.

  9. The owners of Casa Rosso believes the club has played a part in opening people up to their sexuality and removing some of the shame around sex. “ People walk around the red light district nowadays with a bag full of sex toys without shame.”

  10. Hugely popular for Stags and Hens, Cassa Rosso lets the bride and groom in for free. One catch, you might get called up on stage!