This burger from Slaters 50/50 popped up on dailyfoodfeed and it is life giving. Proving that the U.S really knows a good burger. proves that vegan food isn’t bland and colourless. It is a magical unicorn of tasty goodness

New_fork_city is a hotbed of tasty pics. These cookies from Levain Bakery make us feel emotional. Get. In. My. Belly.

Hungrybetches. Never has a user name been so accurate. And if the sight of that cheese doesn’t do something for you, you need to check yourself. 

Thenaughtyfork gives us the highlights of Miami food. The dripping of Eel sauce on this tempura roll from Moshi Moshi is almost too seductive. Makes me question myself. 

YES! GET IN! Nutella is the key to anyone's heart. Those who say otherwise are dead on the inside. 

I believe it was the great American character Ron Swanson who said, “There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured with breakfast food.”

Foooodieee’s caption says it all. It really DOESN’T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THIS.

Olga Noskovaa is a serious baker. At first glance these look like marbles, or some kind of glass painting. Nope. These are cakes. Almost too pretty to eat, but someone has to do it.

Chocolate is sexy. They made a book and a movie about it. Theboywhobakes is well aware of the sexual healing powers of chocolate.