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While most festivals turn a blind eye to a certain amount of unofficial partying in the campsite, Roskilde actively encourages it, and this draws a crowd of enthusiasts who are proud to show off their elaborate creations. “It's probably part showing off, festival peacocking, if you will. In many cases, the bigger the system and the better the music, the more attention is drawn to your campsite, which increases your status,” says Christoffer, who has been shooting at Roskilde for several years now and hopes to build on this photo series in the coming years.

Anders K. Haubroe (pictured above in Tiger outfit) has been building bike-sound systems with his friends Andreas and Jonas for years, inspiring impromptu parties on the beaches and streets of Copenhagen. For Roskilde, this year, he decided to set his sights on something a little more dramatic. “I came up with the idea of making a replica of the zoo tower from the Copenhagen Zoo. Since we were too many people to just be a giraffe - why not all kinds of animals?” he explains, “So we build the tower to be in the center with bass speakers and then two giraffes on either side.”

The spirit of camaraderie amongst festivalgoers is so great that Anders had people volunteering to work on his Festival Plant, making sure that their ‘Zoo’ wasn’t overrun by party animals: “We were overwhelmed to get this help from people who just wanted us to enjoy our building and play music instead of being part-time DJ and part-time guard.”

Of course there’s a bit of healthy rivalry amongst the Festival Plant builders. They want their party to draw the biggest crowd and one way to ensure that is by having the craziest build imaginable. “All our neighbours love to be a part of the parties and the different events each camp are responsible for,”  says Anders, “And the competition amongst our neighbours is just a great way of making the best build possible. We can create our own concerts. I mean, how cool is that?”

Imagery courtesy of Christoffer Rosenfeldt.