Dip your hand into the Sugar Bowl

Jasmine is 23 years old and is a Sugar Baby. She found out about the Sugar scene, as most people tend to find out news, through social media. “I saw a story about SeekingArrangement on Cosmopolitan’s Snapchat and I was interested. After reading the story of a single mom who Sugars in order to spoil her son I decided to check it out.”

Daniel is 40 and works in the tech industry. He found out about SeekingArrangement through a friend. “My friend told me about it so I decided to check it out. I did some research and found out that SeekingArrangement(.com) is the best sugar dating website so of course I wanted to try the best.”


“I normally see my current Sugar Daddy twice a month. He lives in a different state so we have to coordinate our visits according to our schedules.”

“I see my current sugar baby almost every week because she is able to accommodate my constantly changing schedule.”


“Prostitutes exchange sex for money. Sugar babies and sugar daddies have real relationships built on trust, companionship and mutual interests. Most sugar babies expect to get a lot of gifts. I use my allowances to pay my student loan payments. My first Sugar Daddy gave me and five of my friends an all expenses paid vacation to fiji for a graduation gift. It was unreal.”

“I don’t pay my sugar babies. They get allowances and gifts, but I am not their employer.”


“My friends and family know that I like to date older, successful men. With traditional dating, a woman is expected to play a certain role and accept things as they come. In my sugar relationships, I am allowed to and expected to ask for exactly what I want/need.”

“My friends know that I prefer sugar dating at this stage in my life. I don’t talk about my personal life with colleagues so there is no reason I would discuss this with them. My family only gets involved if I get serious with someone and as far as they see it I date younger women; nothing too shocking about that. I enjoy this type of dating. Each person gets to say exactly what they want and what they don’t want. No hidden agendas or secret expectations.”


“I will likely end up marrying a sugar daddy type.”

“I am able to meet younger women even outside of using SeekingArrangement, but honestly all of my sugar babies have not been super young they are just women who are ok being spoiled. My last sugar baby was only three years younger than me, but she knew how to sit back and let a man be a man.”


“I have had two long term sugar daddies.”

“I have a strict rule of only having one sugar baby at a time. At this point I have had maybe five or six sugar relationships.”


“After chatting for a bit if I get a good vibe I will consider meeting them. I only meet at public places.”

 “I like to keep the first date fairly low key so we can focus on getting to know each other so maybe coffee, drinks and appetisers, or dinner.”


“I love being spoiled and I like getting to say exactly what I want in the relationship. It is a style of dating I enjoy. It makes me happy.”

 “I’m looking for someone who is thankful when I spoil them. Someone smart and has goals in life.”


“You should expect the same things that come along with regular dating. Some guys will be nice some will be creeps. You need to set boundaries and know what you want.”

 “I don’t think you have to be super wealthy, but you have to be generous with whatever you have and then find someone who is looking for the level of lifestyle you can currently afford to provide.”

“I actually have never been physical with my sugar daddies beyond kissing and holding hands. That is just a personal choice of mine. If our relationship progresses further it is something I would consider, but with my current sugar daddy we only see each other once or twice a month and we haven’t built up enough of a relationship for me to consider taking it physical and he hasn’t pushed the issue either.”

“I have had multiple arrangements where sex never occurred. To me sugar dating is just that; dating. So both people have to decide if they want to become intimate or not. We also spend time together and enjoy fun outings and getting to know each other. If sex happens that it just one factor of the relationship.”