When Ivan initially approached Thinkhouse, we knew that a collaboration was on the cards. 

The trick was coming up with a concept to portray his strength, determination and ambitions. Splitting the photoshoot into two parts we shot the first images in South Studios where we used blending blue and red gradients - a visual reference to the topic of gender fluidity. This is a space Ivan is comfortable in, a space where he thrives. 

Part two of the shoot took place in Fusco's - a fish & chip shop on Meath Street in The Liberties, the heart of old Dublin. The concept for these shots was a nod to that terrible affliction of constantly, without fail - no matter how fancy or high brow the venue or club you attended mere hours before was - ending up in either a chipper or somewhere equally unglamorous. It was a strong contrast to the glamour and class of Ivan: it was a penguin on a tropical beach. A fish out of water...